One of Costa Rica’s Healthiest Fruits-Guanabana

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4838bOne of Costa Rica’s Healthiest  Fruits Guanabana

GUANABANA, A wonderful  tropical  fruit  grown in Costa Rica! It is used in drinks and to flavor ice cream.  In other parts of the world it is know as Soursop and also Graviola.

Indiginous people use it to make medicines. They  use the leaves as well as the inside of the fruit. It is great to aid in emptying the bowls and keeping the GI tract clean, and fighting disease causing agents such as parasites and viruses.  It is also used to treat fevers and  high blood pressure. Some people say the drink made of the pulp of the Guanabana helps them to relax.  Do not eat the seeds of this fruit.

Guanabana contains  many chemicals that may be active against cancer.

However, this has not been proven in clinical trails.

In Costa Rica we drink of lot of Guanabana refreshing drinks, especially on hot afternoons.  The taste leaves a little tang in your mouth, leaving your mouth feeling fresh.

This web site shows you how to make the drink from Guanabana.

Recipe for Refreshing Guanabana Drink

1 ripe medium Guanabana fruit

1 can sweet condensed milk–1 tsp nutmeg  and 1 Tbsp vanilla extract

5 cups water and 2 teaspoon sugar or more if you want drink to be more sweet.   (optional)

1 tablespoon Rum

2 Tbsp lime juice

Method:  peel the fruit    put flesh in large mixing bowl and remove the seeds

Place fruit in blender –add 3 cups water  and the sugar..blend well until it is puree.  Put  the puree in a mixing bowl and 2 more cups water .  Mix well then strain in large strainer to remove the fruit fibers.   Can use a hand mixer for this.

Add  1 can sweet condensed milk…nutmeg, lime juice, and vanilla and stir really well (you can use a hand mixer to do this.)

Serve chilled (with or without ice cubes)   Crushed ice makes a very nice drink.

To Each glass of Guanabana drink–sprinkle  lightly with a dash of nutmeg

RUM- add  a small amount of rum to enhance the flavor


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