Costa Rica Spotlight: La Paz Waterfall Gardens and Peace Lodge Are Now Open!

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Blue Morph Butterfly

Blue Morpho Butterfly

Costa Rica Spotlight: La Paz Waterfall Gardens and Peace Lodge Are Now Open!

Costa Rica Spotlight:It has  been six months since the January 8th earthquake which caused damage in and around La Paz Waterfall Gardens and Peace Lodge.   Major restorations have been under way and the La Paz Waterfall Gardens and Peace Lodge are now open!

And I had the pleasure to visit the Gardens a few days ago.  And it never ceases to amaze me.  It is not just a garden with waterfalls. It is a education unto itself for the entire family.  Yes, it is the perfect place to bring children of all ages. The Gardens have added “Monkey Pass”   Here you see white face monkeys, spider monkeys, and the added treat of a very small monkey from Brazil, the white tufted eared Marmoset.  I tried without success to get a photo of this strange looking little creature but it would not stop darting from one limb to another.

A few steps away is the Aviary filled with exotic colorful birds.  Toucans, scarlet macaws, tanagers, and many more small colorful birds flying freely within the aviary

The Butterfly Observatory is home to over twenty different species of butterflies, the blue morpho being the most beautiful.  Exotic tropical plant and flowers provide a sanctuary for all these wonderful creatures.  The life cycle of the butterfly is beautifully displayed and as well as an extensive collection of butterflies found in Costa Rica.

The Humming Bird Garden adds a special treat especially for the children as well as the adults.    Here the hummingbirds  come in all sizes and colors, twenty four different species in all.   Some of them,  fluttering briskly around your head, are tame enough to eat from your hand.

My favorite is the Serpentarium, where thirty of the most beautiful but the most deadly snakes found in Costa Rica are housed in large glass cases.  The ten foot long Boa had just had a baby rabbit for lunch.  My guide explained that the boa will not eat again for one month.  I wish I had been there to see the snake swallow the rabbit!  Of course it strangled the rabbit first by squeezing it’s neck.   The most deadly snake in Costa Rica ,the Fer de Lance was quietly sleeping. My guide said that if one is bitten by this snake, the only hope is to get the victim to a medical clinic as  rapidly as possible.

Then I took a walk through the Ranarium, thats where the frogs live. There were very small red poison dart frogs,  the red eyed tree frogs , and a large green frog that was transparent.  You could actually see thru it.

The newest addition to the Gardens is are the  Jungle Cats.   Yes, these are cats that make their home in the jungles of Costa Rica.  Beautiful creatures with large yellow green eyes.  The Ocelot, the Margay, and the Jaguarundi  (big names for small cats)

By now I had really worked up an appetite and had lunch in the Colibries Restaurant.  What a delight!  Everything was tipico from the black beans and rice to the fried plaintains, and of course rice pudding for desert topped off with a hot cup of Costa Rican coffee.

I ended my adventure by walking the steps down to two of the waterfalls.  Still pristine and beautiful,  so be sure you have your camera along for this.

The Peace Lodge, adjacent to the waterfall gardens,  is now open for guests.  Each room has a jacuzzi tub, stone fireplace,  and handcrafted canopy bed.  Here you can awaken to the sounds and smell of the rain forest  just outside your balcony door.

Ann, the Costa Rica Travel Expert gives  the La Paz Waterfall Gardens and Peace Lodge  her HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION.

Location and driving directions Central Valley of Costa Rica..from Juan Sanata Maria International Airport travel straight thru the adjacent town of Alajuela  and connect to the road to the Poas Volcano.  approx 19  km ( 12  miles)  miles up this  road you will turn right (see the sign for the Waterfall Gardens or the restaurant Churrascos  Steaks is there on the right.   Then go  5.7 km (3.56 miles)  down this road you will make a left turn at a gas station…(only gas station around there) This little settlement is named Vara Blanca. Then 6 km (3.75 miles) or 10 minutes drive will see the entrance to the Gardens and Peach Lodge.

Weather at the La Paz Waterfall Gardens in Costa Rica:  dry season of mid December through mid April there is less rain.  The temperature is cool since the elevation is around 8,000 feet.  Rainy season is good also.  ( May through November)  September and October are very rainy months.  Try to go in the morning when there more sunshine.

How long does it take to see all these things at the Waterfall Gardens? Plan on three hours and have lunch there.  Great typical Costa Rican food and cost $12 for a delicious buffet.   There is a golf cart available to transport the older people to and from the restaurant .  There are a lot of steps to climb here..but the guides are great help with  the older people.

To further information or help with travel advice or travel plans  you can communicate  with Ann, the Costa Rica Travel Expert – go to the very top of this page – click on  contact us.

For Prices and reservations to La Paz Waterfall Gardens and Peace Lodge is on the web  www.waterfallgardens.

You do not need reservations for the La Paz Waterfall Gardens, but it is best to make reservations for the Peace Lodge. For further information on The Peace Lodge go to

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