Jo Stuart, Author of “Butterfly in the City” lives in San Jose, Costa Rica

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"Butterfly In The City"  by Jo Stuart

Jo Stuart, Author of  “Butterfly in the City”  lives in San Jose,  Costa Rica

Artist in Costa Rica-Jo Stuart is a writer who lives in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Jo Stuart is an American writer who lives in San Jose, Costa Rica.  Her weekly column in AM Costa Rica is  about the “good life in Costa Rica” from a woman’s perspective, and has a wide readership.

Also she has written a book  Butterfly in the City about the  Good Life In Costa Rica, and her positive experiences while living in San Jose.

The following are quotes from  her book.  “When I told my friends that I was going to visit Costa Rica, they asked, Aren’t you afraid of the communists?”   “No, that’s Nicaragua.

“Is that an island in the Caribbean?”  “No, that’s Puerto Rico.”

“I wanted to visit this tiny country in Central America.  A peaceful country that abolished it’s army in 1948.  It’s President Oscar Arias was awarded the Nobel Peach Prize  for his work in 1987 on the peace plan which ended the conflict in Central America ( Nicaragua).”

“Costa Rica and it’s inhabitants who call themselves Ticos charmed me and I walked around with a smile on my face.”   “Just a little country of fewer that four million people whose power to influence the world does not come from it’s riches, but simply from it’s ability and desire to be a model for peace.”

“Two years later I packed my bags, moved to Costa Rica and settled into San Jose and began to write about my wonderful experiences of living in the city.

Excerpts from Jo’s Book “Butterfly in the City”

“More and more people seem to be considering moving to Costa Rica.  Some to retire, those who see it as an easy and affordable place to live.  Others, unhappy where they are and are looking for a place where war and consumerism are not priorities.  Any move to a new country is not easy and culture shock soon sets in.   I enrolled in a Spanish class and rode the public bus to school.  The view of the beautiful surrounding mountains made me feel peaceful.”

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