In Search of Pura Vida

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                                                    IN SEARCH OF PURA VIDA 

                                                       Alajuela, Costa Rica

The sun rises at 5.30 am.  The eastern sky glows with the soft colors of the rainbow.

The cooing sound of the morning dove echoes in the distance.

In stark contrast, outside the streets are jamed with hundreds of vehicles. It is the morning rush hour.  Horns are honking. Could it be impatience and stress?  Is this the meaning of “Pura Vida”, “Pure Life”  I don’t think so.

I am alone here in my small apartment in search of Pura Vida,  supposedly found in this lush tropical tiny country called Costa Rica.  My tranquil thoughts are interrupted.   Barking, barking, and more barking. The dogs here come in all shapes, sizes and colors, roaming  the streets freely. These are good luck dogs. They never get hit by the speeding cars and crazy motorcycle pilots. I call them pilots because they operate the motorcycle as if were an airplane. Yes, flying. 

Gazing out my window I see a small garden, home to the magnificent Mango tree which in the month of May brings forth her fruit.  Her shadow shields the flowers below her from the heat of the hot tropical sun. 

I came here to rest, to meditate, to clear the cobwebs from my brain.  Will I be successful?

I fear that I must move away. Far away to the jungle. To escape , yes escape.  From what you might ask?  Noise, pollution, humans.  I want to be wrapped in the arms of nature.  The gentle wind, warm raindrops, and silence-to rest in the shadows of God’s greatest gift to mankind-the rainforest. 

Where will I find it?

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