If you Could Be a Monkey, Which One Would You Be?

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If you Could Be a Monkey, Which One Would You Be?

If  I could be a monkey, I would be a Howler Monkey and live in the rain forest of Costa Rica, and my name would be Curious George.  I would pick a very tall tree and live in the  top so I could eat the young tender leaves, and I would never go down to earth.   I would be a handsome black male Howler so I could make a lot of noise with my super sized vocal chords and every morning I would awaken the life in the forest with my loud howls.

This howling is  to mark my troupe’s  territory.  My guy and gal friends in the troop number around eight.  And we want to make sure no other Howlers

Curious George

Curious George

trespass into our tree tops.  So we playfully swing from tree to tree, eating green leaves and if they is any fruit  around that’s an extra treat.

My girlfriend howler is pregnant with little howler and in around six months we’ll have a new addition to the troupe.  We are all very excited about it.   And in a short four years he will no longer be little howler.  He will be grown up  and  become big howler.

So you people out there,  help protect and preserve our natural habitat.  That means please do not cut  the trees in our rain forest to build your big houses and your big hotels.  It takes hundreds of years to grow them back, and we Howlers only have about twenty years here in the tops of our beautiful trees.

You can join our “Keep the Howlers Howling Club” by spreading the word.   Save just one tree at the time, and soon you will save the whole rain forest.   Thanks,   Curious George and all the Howlers.

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