Travel tips: I Rented a Car in Costa Rica, Tips for Saving Time and Money


Travel tips: I Rented a Car in Costa Rica, Tips for Saving Time and Money

My husband and I are traveling  to Costa Rica was one of exploration so we needed to rent a car in Costa Rica.  I did my homework beforehand and concluded we needed a small 4×4 SUV type vehicle, because we were going to the countryside and beach where many of the roads are full of bumps and potholes.   I reserved a Suzuki 4×4 before we left  home via the internet with my American Express credit card through  a company named Solid Rental Car and was  very pleased with their services.  Straight shift  transmission worked for us, however automatic transmission was available also.  It came with air condition and  radio.  Room enough for 2 adults  and two small suitcases plus our video equipment.  We were offered a cell phone for $10 per day to use inside Costa Rica but declined, and a GPS system which we also declined.   We planned to use internet cafes along the way to connect back home by email.

Paper work was a a big deal.  I had to examine the vehicle carefully and sign that it had no dents or scratches, plus sign a credit card voucher for a $850 deductible on the insurance policy.

Insurance is expensive.  I choose the highest amount sold by Solid Rental Car. (just so if I had an accident I could leave the vehicle with Solid Rental car to do the repairs and not worry any more.)  Therefore the daily rental fee was $46.  I got a little break because I rented for 6 weeks.  Larger vehicles obviously cost more.

I had heard stories about car theft being common in Costa Rica so I never left the vehicle in harms way.  That means parking  at night in a lighted guarded parking lot, and during the day in a guarded place.  Not beside the road, etc.  And we took our video equipment with us inside a backpack when we got out of the car.  I worried about the suitcases so we parked the car so we could see it at the restaurant.

I feel that I saved time and money by making all arrangements for renting this vehicle before I left the US.  The car was ready and waiting for us, even delivered to our hotel.   At all times I was aware of  the safety precautions to take.   Therefore,  we  experienced much less stress and enjoyed our  vacation  more.

Solid Car Rental told me that using an American Express card was the best card to use for them.  So that is what I used.

The credit card voucher I signed upon renting the car (for the deductible of $850) was torn up at the time I turned the car in.  Actually Solid Rental Car came to our hotel and picked it up.

We were able to see a beautiful country by car, pass through the small villages, coffee plantations, sugar cane fields,  stop and walk around the town squares and see the smiles of the Ticos.  We explored sandy white beaches , and primary rainforest and heard  the howler monkeys.

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Have a nice trip!  Ann

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