Hotel El Capitan Suizo Tamarindo Costa Rica

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1140010_102_z1140010_58_zHotel El Capitan Suizo Tamarindo Costa Rica.I just spent 4 nights in Tamarindo, Costa Rica–simply to check the place out.  Tamarindo is a small beach front town in NW Guanacaste-Costa Rica.  It hustles and bustles with young people as well as the older crowd.  The streets are lined with gift shops and restaurants-plus hotels in all the price ranges.  Fishing boats and yachts dock in the small marina .  Sunsets are drop dead gorgeous!

The beach has sandy beige-white sand and deep blue Pacific waters.  You see surfers and sun lovers.  However be aware that the black rocks underneath the water can be a problem so inquire exactly where to go into the water to avoid the rocks.

By far the nicest hotel located on the beach is Hotel El Capital Suizo.  This is a small hotel owned and operated by a Swiss couple and they do a great job! Price range is around $225 per double -this includes the 13% gov. Tax.  In this price range Hotel El Capitan Suizo is the best hotel in Tamarindo.  The rooms are spacious and the gardens are spectacular.  Two very large and old Guanacaste trees grace the garden filled with tropical flowers.  A large swimming pool is situated so you can see the beach and listen to the beating of the waves.

You can lounge in a comfy beach chair right in front of the ocean- and sip your margarita -what more could you ask for!

There is much less rainfall all year round  in this area of NW Guanacaste so you are pretty much guaranteed sunshine.

Day Adventure tours are offered by several adventure tour companies.  You can do zip lines, ATV rides, surfing lessons, visit Rincon de La Vieja Volcano Natioinal park , and much more.

If you are interested in vacationing  to Costa Rica and would like to include Tamarindo in your itinerary please contact “Ann The Costa Rica Expert‘ Specializing in individualized vacation planning and itineraries to Costa Rica for all age groups.    Contact Ann at

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