Costa Rica’s Sharks

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Costa Rica’s Sharks

Are there  sharks in Costa Rica’s waters.   The answer is yes.  Are they in danger?  The answer is yes!  Shark fining is going on  off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.  And why is this allowed?  The government of Costa Rica turns a blind eye to this horrific practice.    Shark fins bring big money in Asia where they are used in Shark Fin Soup.

Costa Rica passed a law that the shark was not to be dumped back into the ocean after it’s fins had been removed……very far from a law banning shark fining.

Costa Rica is home to over 50 species of sharks.  Tiger  sharks, bull sharks, and reef sharks are the most common.  But attacks on humans are very infrequent.  Scientist believe that if a shark attacks a human it is because the shark thinks the human is a fish    (food)

The great white shark does not make its home in  the warm ocean waters of Costa Rican.  They prefer the cooler Pacific Ocean currents further north.

The masterpiece of Aquatic engineering  is the hammerhead shark found in the waters surrounding Coco Island, Costa Rica.   The hammerhead shark has very large eyes positioned upon its flat “hammerhead”.  The shark can see both above and below at all times.  They travel during the day in schools of 100 sharks or more but at night they are lone hunters.

The Costa Rican Government recently printed new money.  The new 2,000 colone bill  (about $4 )  has a photo of a beautiful shark.  But what does Costa Rica do to SAVE  the sharks?

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