Five Reasons to choose Costa Rica for Vacation?

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Hello from Costa Rica Learn. 

Here are Five reasons to choose Costa Rica for Vacation.   1.  visit rainforest.  In Costa Rica there are two kinds of rainforest.  Primary Rainforest which are hundreds of years old and never have been cut. and then there is the secondary rainfrest which  have been cut at one time so these trees are smaller.  2. Volcanoes.  Costa Rica is home to seven volcanoes. The active ones are Poas, and Turrialba.  Inactive is the Arenal- north central – Barva, overlooking Alajuela and San Jose- Miravalles, North Central and  Rincon de la Vieja, and Tenorio (home to the famous blue river).  3. Birds.  There are more species of birds in Costa Rica that you could ever imagine.  My favorite birds are the toucan and the scarlett macaw. 4. Flowers.  Hundreds of varieties.  my favored is the orchid and the bougainvillea. 5. Wildlife. Of course the monkeys.  There is the white face (famous in Manuel Antonio) and the howler which hang out around the Arenal Volcano.


Please enjoy this beautiful little video produced by Costa Rica’s Department of Tourism.

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