Figurative Wood Sculptures by Maria Fonseca

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"Confianza" by Maria Fonseca

“Confianza” by Maria Fonseca

"Amparo" by Maria Fonseca

“Amparo” by Maria Fonseca



Figurative Wood Sculptures by  Maria Fonseca

“The wood is transformed in my hands and it absorbs my emotions, my joy.”  Maria Fonseca,   July 2009

Maria Fonseca began her work in wood sculpture at the School of Fine Arts at the University of Costa Rica.  Today she works from her  outdoor studio located on a coffee farm, near the small  hillside town of Naranjo.

What are the characteristics of Maria’s work, her personal style and what are her subjects?  People, animals and birds,    inspired by nature and  human emotions are her subjects.   Her sculptures of indigenous men and women of Costa Rica express  family warmth, kinship, and tenderness between mother and child,  husband and wife.  Her forms are round and voluptuous, often arms, legs, hands, and feet are entwined ..a mother embracing her child, two lovers in a warm embrace.

When the tourism season is highest-January through March-Maria can be found working out of her studio/gallery at Hotel Martinos in La Garita  de Alajuela.   Her work is found in collections in the United States, Europe, Mexico, South and Central America as well as in Costa Rica.

For more information on how to obtain one of Maria’s  sculptures contact Ann by clicking on contact us at the very top of the page.

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