Discover Costa Rica’s Five Natural Wonders

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Discover Costa Rica’s Five Natural Wonders

Costa Rica is simply one big Natural Wonder.  I would like to tell you about five of the most wonderful.

The first of these natural wonders is the Arenal Volcano which unexpectedly erupted in  1968  destroying the village located on it’s north face and killing sixty people.
Since then the volcano has been producing small eruptions daily until around eighteen months ago  when it simply just stopped, and no one knows why.
The Arenal Volcano is a big  attraction  which draws hundreds of tourist daily year round to experience the  outdoor adventure activities offered in the area surrounding the volcano.

The Blue River (Rio Celeste) is indeed a natural wonder, located around 2 hours north of the Arenal Volcano, it is the hottest new tourist destination.  And yes the water is blue.  Legend states that when God painted the sky blue, he dipped his bush in the water and turned the water blue.   Scientist will tell you the blue color comes  from minerals in the water.  Tourist enter the  gate to Tenorio Volcano National Park and hike around one hour to the big waterfall and bathe under the cool  blue water

Poas Volcano  (photo top left)located thirty minutes north of Alajuela  in the central valley of Costa Rica is the third Natural Wonder.  Tourist come here on day trips and if lucky can see the mile wide geyser spew hot water and stream hundreds of feet in the air.  Weather here is cool and damp and offers great hiking trails.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is Costa Rica’s fourth Natural Wonder.  It is a primary rain forest-cloud forest, literally located “in the clouds” four thousand feet above sea level.  The trees here are hundreds of years old and their canopies spread their wings and shut out the sunlight.  Underneath are thousands  of different species of plants, the most famous being the fern tree which grows ten feet in height.

The fifth Natural Wonder in Costa Rica is the remote Corcovado National Park, home to one of the last remaining lowland primary rain forest on earth.   Tourist come here to walk the trails where one can see Scarlet Macaws, Toucans, and several species of monkeys such as the howler and the white face.  And to take a boat to Cano Island where snorkeling and scuba diving are very popular.

Rio Celeste waterfall


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