About Ann

Ann provides a unique service: Design A Vacation With a Personal Touch A customized vacation itinerary just for you.

Why choose Ann?

She has twelve years experience working in Costa Rica tourism.  She can save you time and money because she is familiar with weather patterns, road condition, distances, as well as the many wonderful tourists destinations in Costa Rica. She lives in Costa Rica and is constantly experiencing the new trends within the Costa Rican tourism industry.

How does all this work?

CONTACT Ann at anncreed23@gmail.com

please do not use “contact form” ..IT IS NOT YET ACTIVATED.

You and Ann together-by email and telephone- design your itinerary. Ann provides prices and cancellation policies. Ann does the bookings. You pay by credit card via a secure credit card information form to the hotel and adventure tour operator. Then you receive a Paid voucher for each segment.

When the planning is finished: You will receive two things from Ann via email: Day by Day Itinerary and a set of  Paid Vouchers. Take these with you to Costa Rica.


Ann answers all your questions and counsels you each step of the way. She is with you until your vacation is completed.

How Ann gets paid:

By commissions from the hotels, adventure tour agencies, etc. There are no hidden fees. No mark ups . No extra cost to you.

We do not sell airline tickets- best to purchase via internet where you find best deals.


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