Denise Simms Writes about Xinia’s Costa Rica Vacation Homestay

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Denise said, “I learned of Xinia’s Costa Rica Vacation Homestay thru a friend Ann Cabezas Creed, owner of (vacation planning to Costa Rica and Homestays Costa Rica)  It was perfect for me because I was traveling alone to Costa Rica for Dental Work.

Xinia  (fluent in English) provided a lovely place for me to stay-I had my own private room with private bath for $35 per day and it came with a tropical breakfast of delicious Costa Rican coffee and fresh tropical fruits and fresh breads and tortillas.   Xinia drove me to my dental appointments and stayed with me, which made me much less apprehensive about getting the dental work.

My superb dental work cost me approx one third of the quote I got in Florida.  I had fillings, crowns, a root canal, and a partial bridge–all of which I am very very happy.   I highly recommend coming to Costa for dental work.  Upon request I will be happy to provide the name of my dentist and her phone number.

The second week an old friend of mine joined me and we enjoyed Costa Rica.  We went exploring to Arenal Volanco.   Xinia drove  drove us there in her comfortable van.  We stayed at the Volcano Lodge for 2 nights and did the exciting zip line and hanging bridges walk.  Later we went to Paradise Hot Springs and bask in the wonderful hot mineral waters.   All of this was set up for us by  Ann, The Costa Rica Expert    “Vacation Planning to Costa Rica” and we were extremely pleased with her services.  We recommend her to help you plan your Costa Rica vacation.  She saved us a lot of time figuring out where to stay in Arenal and setting up our adventure tours while we were there.

Being in Costa Rica  for 14 days I could practically write a book about all the fun things I did and how staying with an authentic Costa Rica Family was a unique experience.!

I left feeling completely satisfied and Xinia, and her lovely family are now in my heart forever. .

You may stay at Xinia’s Costa Rica Vacation Homestay by contacting for reservations.  To read all about it click here

Xinia, Rolando, and Denise

Xinia, Rolando, and Denise






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