Costa Rica’s Rain Forest , Our Precious Trees, Necessary for Human Survival-Save the Rain Forest!

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Scarlet Macaw Master of the Tropical Forest

Green Macaw Master of the Tropical Forest

Costa Rica’s Rain Forest , Our Precious Trees, Necessary for Human Survival-Save the Rain Forest!

A Moment in Science Class

The process in trees (and other plants) which uses carbon dioxide and makes oxygen is called photosynthesis.

In photosynthesis, plants use light energy to convert carbon dioxide and water into sugar (glucose) and oxygen.

The carbon dioxide is obtained from the atmosphere and the oxygen is released into the atmosphere. The process of absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen is called gas exchange (or gaseous exchange).

Molecules of carbon dioxide enter the plant, and molecules of oxygen leave the plant, by a process called diffusion.

So,  the destruction of our precious trees on the earth’s surface interferes with this process!

What does this have to do with Costa Rica? Costa Rica’s primary rain forest are under protection by the Costa Rican government in the form of National parks and Wildlife Reserves.  In fact over 20% of Costa Rica’s territory is preserved  in these parks and reserves.   Costa Rica is a member of the Rain Forest Coalition conserving tropical rain forest to improve poor people’s lives while at the same time contributing to greenhouse gas reductions.  (the trees take in carbon dioxide, thus reducing these gases accumulation in our earth’s atmosphere).

Oscar Arias, Costa Rica’s distinguished President is in New York this week attending the Meeting of the United Nations.  His speech to the members focused on these precious rain forest preserves in Costa Rica and how they can be used to lessen the accumulation of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.  A noble cause for Costa Rica!

Let’s take this opportunity to call on President Arias to live up to his philosophy  and  to use his up most influences on behalf of the Costa Rican government to stop open air metal (gold) mining in the northern regions of San Carlos, Costa Rica.   If it is not stopped this will become the largest open air metal mining in Central America.  This kind of mining is very destructive:  It means cutting the last remaining tropical  forest,  disfiguring the land, and landscape,  destroying the natural habitat and unique ecosystems.  The birds and wildlife are driven from their homes.  Additionally, the water could  be polluted with harmful chemicals lasting hundreds of years.

So President  Arias,  Remember Costa Rica’s Noble Cause!  Save the Rain Forest1

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