Costa Rica’s Own Maria Fonseca

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Costa Rica’s Own Maria Fonseca

This  series on Women Artist  is designed to give recognition to the enormous amount of talent among women who are working artist  here in Costa Rica.
Maria Fonseca was born in Costa Rica on a coffee farm near the town of Naranjo.  Today  she still lives there with her husband and children.  As a child she loved to play outside in the coffee fields and passed her leisure time drawing.  Maria states, “When I drew I felt free.  Her teachers at school soon recognized Maria’s special talent and encouraged her to develop it.  After graduation from high school, Maria entered the Program of Fine Arts at the University of Costa Rica.  There for the first time, she was able to consider the art of sculpting.  She began with shaping stone and then came the opportunity to work with wood.  And in Maria’s words, “ At that moment I felt an internal transformation take place, an irrepressible desire to shape this marvelous material of unparalleled

Maria at her home in Naranjo

Maria at her home near  Naranjo

beauty.”  Thus her work in wood sculpture was born.  Maria stresses that an artist never stops learning, with each new design, with each stroke of the chisel a unique and different work of art is created.

Please read on:  The next article talks more about Maria’s sculptures.  It is titled Figurative Wood Sculptures by Costa Rica’s own Maria Fonseca

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