Costa Rica’s Farmer’s Markets

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img_02242Costa Rica’s Farmer’s Markets

This article about Costa Rica’s Local farmers  markets is written by  Marina Villatoro who has lived in Costa Rica for six years.  She is the creator of She writes about her travel and living experiences in Central America.

Costa Rica’s Farmer’s Market. It’s not just a local thing.

What’s my favorite thing to do in Costa Rica?  I can give you a long list, but I’ll narrow it down.  I love going to the local farmers market every weekend and it never gets old.

Costa Rica’s  markets don’t have the colorful trinkets filled markets or markets filled  with jewelry like in Mexico and other Central American countries. But it does have the weekend “ferias” or farmers markets.   I live in a relatively large town so on Sunday mornings the main street , by the church  is filled with fruits and vegetables that will delight any chef.

And the best part is the prices are really cheap.   1 lb. fresh, red plump tomatoes 25 cents          1 lb.  juicy carrots 30 cents        1 lb. cucumbers 50 cents

And that is not all you get here.  Fresh orange juice,  mango juice, carrot juice, sugar cane water, and coconuts!    And if you wait until near closing time, they lower the prices even more.  So when visiting Costa Rica be sure to check out one of these markets.

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