Costa Rica’s Fabulous Tabacon Hot Springs

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There are many options for Hot Springs at Arenal Volcano in this beautiful Tropical Country of Costa Rica.

One of the most popular is the Tabacon Hot Springs and Spa

Positive energy is emitted from the mighty  Arenal  with red hot lava flowing from it’s open mouth at the summit.  The warm winds whistle through the rain forest and the summer rains nourish the flowering foliage.  Tropical birds flap their wings and sing.  Truly a Magical Place!

The Tabacon Hot Springs is located at the base of the Arenal Volcano -on the main road going north out of La Fortuna (approximately 4 miles from the central park in La Fortuna).
These are natural hot mineral waters originating from underground hot pools around the base of the volcano and come down the mountain with a lot of force.  Tabacon has created a series of waterfalls and pools where one can sit while the hot springs splash over you body! A great experience!.
Also there is a large hot mineral water swimming pool and swim up bar for the entire family to enjoy, a an open air restaurant where you can view the volcano.
A gorgeous botanical garden surrounds the hot pools- flowering tropical plants and a rain forest welcome visitors.  The spa is carved into the mystical rain forest with  the sound of tropical birds serenading  while you receive the most wonderful relaxing therapeutic massage.

You can spend the entire day or a half day at TAbacon Hot Springs.   The passes are priced with lunch or with dinner, or you can just visit the springs.   Therapeutic massage is an extra charge, and is offered by appointment only.
Entrance fees for a full day pass with lunch and dinner -adult is $95
However-also offered is half day with lunch or evening with dinner and these are priced differently.
Contact Ann for prices.

Ann’s  recommendation    Highly Recommended.

Contact for  all the information on adding Tabacon Hot Springs  to your Costa Rica Vacation Itinerary

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