What do Costa Ricans Do for New Years?

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What do Costa Ricans  Do for New Years? For New Years many Costa Rica will go to the beaches.  They will gather their family together and head for their own personal beach houses or will rent a house on the beach.    On New Years Eve they will celebrate with lots of typical Costa Rican food and alcoholic drinks.  Costa Rica rum is a favorite, mixed with  mango juice.  They will party till the early hours of the morning.

Others will travel, sometimes long distances to stay in the home of relatives, whom often they see only once a year.  The women are in the kitchen cooking up the favorite Costa Rican rice dishes such as aroz con pollo  (rice with chicken).  or roasted pork.  The men gather outside to tell stories and drink the alcoholic drink made from sugar cane called guarro.

Costa Ricans usually do not work from December 25 through Jan 1.  This is a time for rest, relaxation,  and partying.

January is a great month to vacation in Cost Rica.  The weather is gorgeous, sunny and warm.  If you would like a Costa Rica Expert to help you plan you trip to Costa Rica, contact Ann.  Read all about her and how she works by going to  www.costaricalearn.com



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