Cost of Living in Costa Rica in 2011


Cost of Living in Costa Rica in 2011

Costa Rica used to be an inexpensive place to live but not anymore.  This in June 2011 and the cost of one gallon of super gasoline is  $5.66.   This year the dollar has weakened.  The exchange rate went from 580 colones to the dollar to 498 colones to the dollar.  A loss of 82 colones per dollar.  A devaluation of 14%.

I asked my accountant why.  His explanation is in 2011 there has been a huge influx of dollars into the Costa Rican economy..

Then why would anyone from the North America want to retire in Costa Rica?   Well, that is a good question.  The over all cost of living here is not lower than most locations in the US.  But the wonderful climate with the sunshine may be one factor  to keep the North Americans who are already retired here…and the green green that one sees everywhere in Costa Rica is definitely a mood elevator.

However there are other  considerations: many of the major road systems in Costa Rica are in poor repair.  And the cost of the upkeep of an automobile is very high..cost tires, cost of wear and tear caused by the many potholes.  And the rainy season gets long and dreary.

The cost of food is expensive now.  One gallon of milk $3.80   One gallon regular gas $5.66  One loaf of bread $2.25  one pound of butter $4.00  I dozen eggs $2.40

One pound of sugar 60 cents

The two main things that most Costa Ricas eat are rice and beans which still remain affordable.

Chicken with its bones is $3 pound.   Good ground beef is $3 pound

Fresh fruits and vegetables can be purchased at very reasonable prices at the  week end farmers market located in most towns.

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