Cahuita National Park Costa Rica

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sloth Cahuita

sloth Cahuita

Cahuita Beach

Cahuita Beach



Cahuita National Park Costa Rica

If you are thinking of traveling to Costa Rica and want to explore the Caribbean coast, then Cahuita National Park is a unique stop.  The town of Cahuita  , located adjacent to the national park  a sleepy small village with dirt roads,  small hotels and a grocery store, and  a few restaurants with the Afro-Caribbean flavor.  Great Food!  It is definitely a laid back place and has a strong “party atmosphere”

The Cahuita  National Park protects the  14 km. of dark sand beach.  Beautifully  shaded by palm trees,  and surrounded by lush forest, mangroves, and marshlands.  Tourist who like to scuba dive or snorkel find this a great destination. The protected marine area  contains the Coralline Reefs , home to  35 species of coral and 123 species of fish.  Along the beach,  it is easy to sight the reclusive sloth.   Also you may be able to sight or hear the howler monkeys esp in the early morning.

A great place to go swimming is Playa Negro located on the NW end of Cahuita National Park.

Snorkeling is best March thru May and September  thru December.

Weather is hot and humid.  It rains  year round (no dry or rainy season).

What should you bring:  sun screen, sun hat, mosquito repellent, camera

Anything else I should know:  If you are a female alone it is best to be back at your hotel early in the evening,  although there may be a party in town..just don’t wander around alone late at night.

Places to stay..many many small hotels  (no big chains)   Check  the Internet for a hotel within your budget.

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