Blue Moon Over Costa Rica, A Very Happy New Year!

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Blue Moon over Costa Rica with partial Eclipse!

Blue Moon over Costa Rica with partial Eclipse!

New York City, New Year's Eve 2009, The BIG BALL

New York City, New Year’s Eve 2009, The BIG BALL

Blue Moon Over Costa Rica, A Very Happy New Year!

Costa Rica has something celestial to ring in the New Year.  It’s the Blue Moon.  But is it really blue?  No it isn’t.  The name it seems comes from folkloric tales from times past.  When two full moons occurred in the same calendar month, meaning something rare, special, or even absurd, but not impossible.     And this month of December 2009 had two full moons, the first on December 2nd and the second on December 31st.  A New Year’s Blue Moon!

The rest of the world shares this Blue Moon celebration with Costa Rica.  And even better is a partial moon eclipse!   In Costa Rica it’s  called a Lunar Eclipse. The moon has moved into the earth’s shadow causing a portion of the moon the be darkened.

In Costa Rica we call these Blue Moon beams tropical moon beams, because it’s light shines on beautiful tropical landscapes of flowers, colorful birds, and sandy white beaches surrounded by rain forest, volcanoes, and lush waterfalls.

Quite different from the city of New York where millions will view the Big  Ball when it falls at the strike of twelve midnight.  New Yorkers may see the ball but may not see the gorgeous blue moon due to cloudy skies.  What a shame if they miss the moon.  A Big Ball made of three hundred new Waterford crystals cannot take the place of experiencing  the celestial moon beams.

So Happy New Year to one and all.  To all Creatures Great and Small!   The  Blue Moon rings in the New Year with reminding us to accomplish the rare, the special,  or even  absurd, but not the impossible.

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