Artist Group Being Formed in the Central Valley of Costa Rica

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Jan Yaksko painting

Jan Yaksko painting

Artist Group Being Formed in the Central Valley of Costa Rica


The new artist group has a name  ” Conjunto De Artistas” and is the brainchild of Jan Yatsko.  Jan and her husband have been living in Atenas for eleven years.  She is an artist (oil painting, watercolors, and sketching-including art journals.)

Jan wrote the following article and I will share it with you.

Do you want to join a “Conjunto de Artistas” (a group of artists)?
When  Tom and I arrived in Atenas 11 years ago, I was one of few artists and the only foreign artist in town. One by one, more creative souls arrived attracted by the light, climate and natural inspiration.
The main objective for the “Conjunto de Artistas”:    For a group of people to gather together at different specified locations each month to sketch, paint, collage and/or journal in “plein aire”. The locations will be within a short driving distance (5 minutes to 1.5 hours) from Atenas.
Secondary Objectives:    To exchange ideas and information regarding art techniques, materials, exhibits in Costa Rica, art marketing, etc.
Anyone with a curious mind and the desire to create art, grow and share is welcome to join this group.
Please RSVP for this January 11th meeting and to indicate your interest in joining this group to Jan “Juanita” Yatsko.    Phone: 2446-4039
Email: Website:
After all, there was the Degas group, the Gauguin group, the American Impressionists at Old Lyme group and even “The Junto” of intellectuals and artisans formed by Ben Franklin.
Throughout history groups of people have banded together for reasons of mutual support, inspiration, growth and shared contacts.
An initial meeting will be held on January 11, 2010 at Atan?o Restaurant (Atenas centro, 50 meters North of Mercado, next to El Rayo store) at 2 PM. The objective is to meet each other and to plan our first plein aire activity to be held on January 18.

You can read more about Jan and her work by visiting her web site

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